ACX 10.5RR




  • The ACX 10.5RR road-rail excavator was specifically designed for the railway projects market.

    Both versatile and easy to use, it is SNCF approved and meets NF F 58-003 standards. It is perfectly scalable to regulations in other countries.



    Its rail wheel drive system with travelling motors gives it perfect mobility, a reduced braking distance and unrivalled reliability.



    The machine also has a specific lower chassis, a reduced back radius and a collection of components which were developed to meet your industry’s requirements.



  • Fluid and effortless movement with hydraulic travelling motors

    The travelling motors ensure fluid movement, with a speed of 17km/h on rail, without sudden movement, providing a particularly reduced braking system which meets SNCF standards.


  • Tracking system
  • Tracking is simple and quick with a rail aid controller. Its low chassis with tracks allows the excavator to access rails, even in the most difficult environments.


  • Compact upper and lower chassis

    The insertion of all lower chassis components within the standard NF F 58-003 boundary zones does not require removal of security casing and eliminates any interference. The rear turning circle is limited to 1,570 mm, which reduces interference between the rolling stock on adjacent tracks, platforms and fixed points used along tracks. A rear camera is installed as standard.


  • Electrically insulated wheels
  • Wheels are insulated to avoid any electrical continuity and to allow work in all zones without interference. Possibility of installing wheels for trams or wheel profiles as needed.


  • Exceptional stability and strength

    The ACX 10.5RR excavator has a significant lifting capacity for its tonnage. In the rail version, it can handle 4 tonnes

  • Adaptable to all sites

    Because all your sites have specific needs, the ACX 10.5RR excavator was designed to offer a particularly large working range.A variety of tools can be installed at the end of the boom.


  • Easy maintenance and greater lifespan

    The ACX 10.5RR was designed for simple maintenance to facilitate and accelerate ongoing maintenance. Its extended maintenance intervals increase site availability.


  • Tailor-made security for rail work!

    In addition to the control console, the ACX 10.5RR has an exclusive security and control system for rail work. This allows the operator to ensure ideal adjustment depending on sites. The system is used to manage the height of the arm and rotation of the house. Parameters are determined by sensors which measure the position of the boom and house.


  • Ideal workstation designed around the operator

    The ACX 10.5RR provides a high-quality working environment for the operator which meets CE standards. Spacious, comfortable cabins offer increased visibility of the area around the machine. With easy access to all controls and functionalities, the operator can easily focus on the task at hand. The adjustable suspension seat, the particularly low level of noise and the powerful air conditioning make it possible to work long days without tiring whilst enjoying the machine’s potential.





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