• The ACX 23RR excavator was designed to improve the performance compared with the previous ACX 160RR excavator.


    Both versatile and easy to use, it is SNCF certified and approved and meets NF F 58-003 standards. It is perfectly scalable to regulations in other countries.


    With unrivalled stability, it has a significant lifting capacity for its tonnage.


    Because all sites are unique, the ACX 23RR excavator offers a particularly wide range. It can meet all railway sector companies’ needs.



  • An extremely user-friendly driver’s cab.

    The ACX 23RR excavator offers optimal working conditions

    (visibility, adjustment, options) for the driver, as well as an

    exclusive control, security and command system



    • Genuine double cabin

    • Perfect 360° visibility around the driver

    • Heated pneumatic seat

    • Electronically regulated air conditioning

    • 3 engine power modes

    • Information about oil and filters

    • Lights, large mirrors

    • Storage compartments.

    • FOPS ROPS approved cabin



  • Chassis and counterweight

    A reinforced chassis, additional counterweights for a lower centre of gravity and improved stability.Counterweight offering excellent visibility for the machine driver. Swing radius observed.


  • Electrically insulated wheels
  • Wheels are insulated to avoid any electrical continuity and to allow work in all zones without interference. Possibility of installing wheels for trams or wheel profiles as needed, which will be studied and created.


  • Exceptional stability and strength

    The ACX 23RR excavator has a significant lifting capacity for its tonnage. In the rail version, it can handle 7 tonnes.

  • Tailor-made security for rail work!

    In addition to the control console, the ACX 23RR has an exclusive security and control system for rail work. This allows the operator to ensure ideal adjustment depending on sites. The system is used to manage the height of the arm and rotation of the house. Parameters are determined by sensors which determine the maximum position of the boom and house.


  • Direct access for simple and rapid maintenance.

    Upper covers and large side panels allow easy access to engine components.


    Everything has been designed to simplify maintenance of the ACX excavator, with direct access to different filters and central lubrication points. Pipes allowing easy drainage of the engine.


  • Tracking system

    Tracking is simple and quick with a rail aid controller.


  • Adaptable to all sites

    Because all your sites have specific needs, the ACX 23RR excavator was designed to offer a particularly large working range. A variety of tools can be installed at the end of the boom.




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