Mechanic at ACIERINOX since 2001

Mechanic at ACIERINOX since 2001

The ACIERINOX group (ACIERINOX MATERIELS and ACX DISTRIBUTION) recruits around 10% new employees every year to support its strong growth.


Changes to Public Projects in the railway industry require creativity, open mindedness and the ability to develop synergies between business lines. If you like teamwork, you’ll love our group.


We offer technical or functional positions to our employees with an education ranging from a vocational diploma (CAP) through to 3 years’ higher education equivalent in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial design courses.



We are convinced that your skills, your commitment and your development are key to our companies’ performance.


Joining ACX means getting involved in the development of a group working in Normandy with national and soon international presence.


Would you like to join our team? Contact us through the contact form.




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